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Tips to prevent cooking fires:

·Never leave cooking unattended – Two out of five deaths in home cooking fires occur because the cooking was unattended.
·Keep cooking area clean – Always wipe appliances and surfaces after cooking to prevent grease buildup.
·Do not store flammable objects near the stove – Curtains, pot holders, dish towels and food packaging can easily catch fire.
·Always turn pot handles toward the center of the stove – Turning handles inward can prevent pots from being knocked off the stove or pulled down by small children.
·Wear short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking – Fires can occur when clothing comes in contact with stovetop burners.
·Heat cooking oil slowly – Heating oil too quickly can easily start a fire. Never leave hot oil unattended.
·Teach children safe cooking – Young children should be kept at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from the stove while older family members are cooking. Older children should cook only with permission and under the supervision of an adult.